How do I exchange on The Dress Change?

There are three ways to exchange with us, these are:

Member to Member

Browse the available pieces and bid on them to swap. Once your bid is accepted by the other member your swap will be on its way!


Person to virtual wardrobe 

All members can bid on your items. If you receive a bid and you want to see what else this member has instead of what was offered, you can browse their virtual wardrobe and counter bid with another piece of their's.


 For tokens        

If a member bids on one of your items, and you don’t fancy any of their items in exchange, you can choose to swap the piece for tokens instead.

These tokens can be used to bid on and swap for pieces.

Item's must be swapped to accumalte tokens  - you have to give to get.

What are your membership options?

We have two options for membership:



With our free membership you get one exchange per month.

We do this so that every woman with an internet connection can have access to sustainable fashion.

As a member you also get access to our events before non members.


Elite- £9 per month:

Our elite membership gives you five exchanges per month. That's five preloved pieces for under a tenner.

You also get free access to our events including our online or IRL swap events, workshops and meetup's. 

Access to exchange for one off curated pieces, and with TDC's virtual wardrobe.

You get exclusive discounts and freebies from sustainable brands.

You can earn yourself a month's free Elite membership by referring three friends (see 'how do I refer a friend' below).


What are tokens? What is the token number assigned to my garment?

Tokens are another way for you to swap with us. If a member bids on an item of yours and you don’t happen to like it, or if you want to quickly rehome your unwanted items you can choose to swap your item and get tokens back in exchange. You can then spend these tokens by bidding on items you like the look of with them.

THis means that you must swap items before accumulating a token balance. Once you have swapped an item for a token, your otken balance will show under ‘My Account’. Think of it as giving to receive.


The token number assigned to your item is the calculated token value for that item.. The item token value  is determined by the condition, material and brand of your item. 


Basically the more environmentally friendly the fabric, the better the condition of the garment and the more sustainable the brand is, the higher the token value  for your item will be. 

How do I post an item?

We recommend using the Royal Mail Signed For service either 1st or 2nd Class. The tracking number will be provided, please enter this as directed once you update the status to 'sent' on your exchange. 

Can I return an item?
Unfortunately we cannot offer returns as all exchanges are final. However if you are unhappy with what you receive please be sure to leave feedback for that exchange and get in contact with us here
How do I refer a friend? What do I get from it?

 You can now earn free Elite membership simply by getting three of your friends to sign up! Elite membership entitles you to:

  • five exchanges per month
  • access to events for free
  • swapping with the TDC account
  • access to one off Curated Pieces 

You can find your personal referral link under ‘My referrals’ on your account page.

We love to help women save money and start/improve their sustainable fashion journey through swapping clothes!  Tell a friend to tell a friend.


Before a curated piece drops on our website we will post the item on Instagram/Facebook the date and time it will drop.

What does my rating mean? Why does it matter?

Your rating is based on reviews from your fellow members! 

Everytime you exchange an item other members will review you  out of  1 - 5 stars based on; description accuracy, speed of delivery and the overall experience. They can also write a brief review of their experience with you and the item they have received.

Your rating matters for two reasons: 1. Our community is based on an element of trust; the higher your rating the more reliable you are seen to be as a member. 2. Users with a solid 4 rating and above for a 3 month period will be invited to exclusive events hosted by The Dress Change click here to see events we have hosted in the past.

What are curated pieces and how do they work?

Curated pieces are a new feature on our platform that allows us to exchange specially picked pieces with our tribe! To get your hands on one of these gorgeous pieces you need to:

  • Sign up for an Elite TDC membership
  • Upload good condition /quality items to your account
  • Be ready to bid when the curated piece drops!


Before a curated piece drops on our website we will post the item on Instagram/Facebook the date and time it will drop.

How many times can I swap one item?

Think of us as a rotating wardrobe. You can swap items out and back in again as long as they are still in good condition for the next person to enjoy. Particularly great for events and special occasions!

I have a question you haven’t answered here.

Drop an email to our team at hello@thedresschange.com and we will get back to you.