How It Works

Open Up Your Wardrobe

1. Open Up Your Wardrobe

Select items from your wardrobe that you no longer love

Tell us about your item

2. Tell us about your item

Write a short description of the item's story, and upload a couple of photos - we suggest two or three

Submit For Approval

3. Submit For Approval

Once your post is approved, all members will be able to see and bid for your item and your item will be assigned a token value.

Find something you love

4. Find something you love

Bid on items you would like, members will receive your bids and either: accept the bid, suggest another item to exchange, or exchange for tokens

Confirm The Exchange

5. Confirm The Exchange

Receive the name and address details of your fellow member to send items and confirm delivery method.

Receive Your Item & Review!

6. Receive Your Item & Review!

Receive your item and review the member to let other TDC members how great the experience was!

Hear From Our Tribe

O-oh too small but will put forward for someone else..!






Lovely member, and great swap 💚



Love my new summer dress!! Thank you TDC! X